HammerDown Action League

Beyond the Stall

Holster Certification

All HPRC members are able to take the Club Holster Certification Course. The course is run periodically throughout the year.

You can register for the next course by writing your name on the Action League whiteboard located in the Club lobby.

There is a yearly fee of $30 to be Holster Certified and part of the Action League.
This money helps keep the league stocked with targets, patches, props and other items we need to keep the league going strong.

All Holster Certified members must attend a minimum of three matches and/or practices to keep their certification active each year.

Holsters must be belt-mounted kydex with level-one retention. No appendix carry, nylon, drop thigh or paddle holsters are allowed.

What does ‘Holster Certified’ get you …

Thursday Night Practices

Every Thursday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm the Club is reserved for the Action League.

A numbers of move/shoot scenarios are setup each week to keep things changing.

Friendly competition using a few different scenarios will help raise your game & your aim.

There is a $3 fee for every Thursday night practice.

Monthly Matches

Once a month a Club Level Match is held. Depending on the time of the year; the match could be hosted indoor or outdoor.

Matches can also be run with Pistols and/or Carbines. We like to mix it up.

All Matches require you to sign up as we have a limited number of slots for each match.

Each month the Action League sends out an email with a link to register at Practiscore.com for the next upcoming match event. The match fee is listed as well.

Down Range Access

Having your Holster Certification allows you to shoot down-range. This allows means you can use the portable targets stands and other props that the Action League owns.

You can only use props you have been trained to use by the Action League.

Please note that stall shooters always take precedent at the Club.

Ensure you follow proper the Safety Range rope/door process as to ensure everyone stays safe.

Have a questions about the Action League?

Reach out direct with any questions you have.