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Government Amnesty pushed to 2025

The federal Liberal government says it will extend by two years an amnesty order on guns it prohibited.

Public Safety Canada quietly updated its website about the yet-to-be-developed firearms buyback program on Wednesday, saying the amnesty period that was set to expire at the end of the month will remain in place until October 30, 2025.

The amnesty applies to those who own one of the more than 1,500 models of guns that Ottawa announced it was banning, such as the AR-15.

In a statement, a spokesman for Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc said the government is “committed to putting in place a firearms buyback program that will allow law abiding gun owners to turn in their firearms and be compensated.” At the time, the Liberals promised to compensate those who own such weapons through a buyback program, which the parliamentary budget officer said in 2021 would cost upwards of $750 million.

Of note, this extension comes after the CCFR filed an injunction in the federal court to force the government to extend the amnesty, and after an emergency letter by CPC Public Safety Shadow Minister Raquel Dancho and colleague Blaine Calkins, Shadow Minister for Hunting, Fishing and Trapping, along with massive opposition by all of you.

The fact these guns are apparently too dangerous to own, but owners MUST keep them in their possession until after the next election in 2025 (latest), proves this ban is nothing more than a political tool for the Liberals. It’s never been about public safety.

This is great news for our community.