HPRC Ranges


The Club is accessible 7 Days a week via secure door code lock with 24 hour internal and external security camera surveillance to ensure that both guests and members remain safe under the Club’s firearms discharge regulations.

The fully heated Indoor Range consists of six shooting stalls.

Range is limited to the use of Pistol Caliber firearms only. No hi-power, no shotgun.

A Retractable Target System (RTS) allows each shooter to move their targets within their own stalls electronically between 3 and 25 yard distances.

HPRC provides bulls-eye targets as part of your membership. Other targets can be taped to the club supplied targets for your own use.

Benches to unpack firearms and other items are available behind each shooting stall.

There is a Safe Work Space area to make any adjustments or repairs to your equipment within the range.

HPRC is a “Lead-Free Club”, meaning all ammo must be jacketed. No exposed lead bullets/projectiles.

Ventilation Fans help exchange and circulate the air and help keep lead down range.

The Club and Indoor Range is open daily from 08:00am to 11:00pm


The outdoor range is located right behind the Club house; there is a locked gate to access it.

The Outdoor Range in 2023 opens on June 15th and closes on October 16th

The Outdoor Range is typically opened from June through October.

The range shooting area is 25 yards with a large area to move and shoot.

Firearms are limited to Pistol Caliber and Shotgun (7.5 shot only).

Holster Certified members have full access to our inventory of steel targets, props and portable targets.

Monthly Club matches are held outdoors during the late spring, summer and early fall.

As part of our Good Neighbor Policy, no matches can take pace on long weekends.

The Outdoor Range is available through the week from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm and Sundays from 12:00pm to 5:00pm


Coffee & Beverages

self serve coffee and hydration area

Meeting / Training / Workspace

get some work done in-between rounds

Heated Clubhouse & Range

year round access in a fully heated environment

Indoor Washrooms

separate heated washrooms in Clubhouse

Wifi Access

available to all members

D-Lead Soap

to reduce lead exposure after shooting

AED | First-Aid | TQ

for emergency situations

24×7 Monitoring

full area coverage indoors and out

Club Supplied Targets

included with your membership