Safety is our #1 Priority


At HPRC safety is built into every decision and move we make. Safety is our first priority for all members.

We only have one Club; we have to protect it. As a member-run organization we need everyone to think safety first.

Please ensure you review all the Club Regulations, By-Laws and Signage throughout the Club.

Following the rules of the Club is how we ensure HPRC stays a safe environment for all members. Consistency is key.

HRPC is open to all; inclusive. There is no tolerance for any abusive behavior, harassment or discrimination against any of our members; whether that be verbal, written or physical, that disrupts a member(s) participation or service of the Club.

A Safety Committee has been created at HPRC. It is comprised of members of your peers.

A minimum of two members of the Safety Committee take part in all incident reviews and decisions.

We ensure that all incidents are logged, documented, reviewed, actioned and resolved.

You can use the contact form below to reach us.

When are Cameras Reviewed ?

Guest of a Member

Any time a Member brings a Guest(s) to the Club the session is reviewed.

Damage to Club Infrastructure

Things like baffle hits, damages to signs, broken props etc . Any time something is not what it used to be.

Probationary Member

While on probation, all Club visits are reviewed for that member.

For any Safety Concerns please reach out to us in confidence.


All communications follow HPRC By-laws