HPRC Regulations

Find below some of our more popular Frequently Asked Questions about HPRC.

Only Pistol Caliber firearms and ammo can be used at HPRC.

No high-power rifles can be used (ie 223) on any range. Shotgun use is only allowed on the Outdoor range.

HPRC is a lead-free environment (both indoor and outdoor).

All ammo must be copper or poly plated/jacketed.

There is no use of frangible, tracer, incendiary or tanerite ammo allowed.

Pistol caliber ammo can only be used.

Shotgun ammo for use at the Outdoor Range only is limited to 7 1/2 shot.

Indoor Range is open daily from 08:00am to 11:00pm

Outdoor Range is open weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm – Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm – Sunday from 12:00pm to 5:00pm

You should always refer to the HPRC.CLUB website Event Calendar page to ensure the Range is available

Please note also the Status of the Outdoor Range as it is closed from mid October through to mid June each year.

There is a Sign-In Book for both ranges in the Club lobby area.


In the members section  you can leverage the Share Your Thoughts Page to submit a question, concern or comment

Also the Safety Committee Page of the website has an area to communicate to the Safety Committee Team

All communications follow the HPRC By-laws


HPRC General Inquiry     [email protected]

HPRC Safety Committee  [email protected]

HPRC Action League/Holster Certification  [email protected]

Range Operators 

Signs are also posted in the lobby and range with Range Operator Contact information

Bob              705.380.4066

Brandon     705.571.4760

Serg            705.349.1778

Andy           416.500.4540

Whenever you come to the Range or Transport Firearms you must by law have all three types of Paperwork on-hand / available

  1.  Firearms License
  2. Conditions – Possession and Acquisition document
  3. Firearms Registration Certification  (for each restricted firearm)


NEVER store your documents in the locked case of a firearm – keep them separate from your firearms

If called upon you must be able to produce them without opening a locked firearm case

All active members (white badge) are allowed to bring 2 guest to the club. Guests must 16 years or older.

Guests are not allowed to bring/shoot their own firearms.

You are 100% responsible for your guests. You must maintain full control of your Guest while shooting.

If your guest is shooting, you are not shooting. You are all only shooting from one/the same stall.

It is the responsibility of all Club Members in Good Standing to supervise their guests while on Club property.

It is the responsibility of the Club Member to ensure their guests are competent handling the caliber & firearm used.

It is the responsibility of the Club Member to ensure their guests understand and obey all Club rules and regulations.

Club Members are responsible for any damage to Club property due to their guests.

Members are responsible for providing proper eye protection and earmuffs for their guests (ear plugs are provided only to be used as supplementary hearing protection).

It is the responsibility of the effected Club Member to be the Range Officer while their guests are shooting.

The Club Member shall position himself/herself to gain quick access and control of the firearm. If the effected Club Member has more than one guest, each guest shall alternate at the shooting stall.

It is the responsibility of the Club Member to gain control of a firearm when there is a misfire or other firearm related issue, while their guest is shooting, and take corrective action.

Club member must be within arm’s length of your guest situated on their dominate side at all times while shooting

The Club Member is allowed to supervise only ONE guest shooting at a time.

Additional guests shall stay behind the red firing line when another guest is shooting or preparing to shoot.

If the Club member is shooting, or preparing to shoot, ALL guests shall remain behind the red firing line.

Guests shall ONLY handle firearms or ammunition at the stall with the direct supervision of the  Club Member.

Only Club Members shall move firearms & ammunition from the staging tables to the shooting stalls and back.

Guests are prohibited from bringing personal firearms.

It is the responsibility of the Club Member to report any damage to the range due to their guests, to a Club Executive or Safety Committee

The Club house does have WIFI – the password is located on the bulletin board in the Club entry/lounge table area

All members must take/pass the HPRC Holster Certification Course. This is a Club-based course run by the HammerDown Action League.

If you are interested in taking the Holster Course please send an email to the Action League.

There is no shooting within 10 yards of the backstop (redline).

You can email any questions directly to the Action League      [email protected]

You can send payment for anything HPRC related to the email account below.

[email protected] 

Please use the following Question&Answer

Security Question              HPRC Postal Code

Password Answer               p1h2j2

within the notes of the transfer please include your full name and three digit RPAL number reference

HPRC supplies a standard full size bulls-eye target. They are included for use in your club fees.

You can bring in your own targets if you wish. If they are smaller than the Club targets we simply ask that you tape them center to the Club paper targets.

There is NO use of any targets or objects that depict a human being, race, organization etc.

Only paper targets can be used.

Each month the Action League sends out an email to all active Holster Certified members with a private link to register for the next match.

Note that as part of our Good Neighbor Policy, no outdoor matches can occur on long weekends.

Past match results can be viewed at the site below.


You can register with Practiscore.com so that you can sign  up for any monthly match at HPRC

In the Club lobby there is a First Aid Kit, a Trauma Kit and an AED Machine.

Outdoor Range has a First-Aid and Trauma Kit (while open).

Stop the Bleed Video (tourniquet and wound packing)


AED How to Video


Outdoor Range is Closed from late Fall to late Spring.

An email is sent to all members (and put on the Club Events Calendar) when the range opens/closes each year.

The outdoor range opening for 2024 will be announced

All members are required to sign in & out of the Outdoor Logbook located in the Club facility lobby. If shooting only outdoors, do not sign the main lobby Logbook.

The Outdoor Range lock combination is printed in the Outdoor Logbook.

The indoor facility of course is still available for you to use the washroom facilities, acquire targets, dispose of used targets and garbage etc.

Please ensure you wear your membership identification card while on Club property.

Outdoor Range – Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm  –  Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm  – Sunday 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm

Please stay within the time frames for use of the outdoor range.

If you have any questions about the outdoor range operations, please contact one of the Range Contacts listed in the lobby area signs.

Outdoor Range Operations

  1. Enter Outdoor Range via the double gates using the combination lock code –  when relocking the pad lock spin the numbers to different combo
  2. Once through the gates, flip down the Range In Use sign located on the left – when leaving the range, flip the Range in Use back up to CLOSED
  3. Continue to drive through to the open range area
  4. Upon reaching the Range area, please swap the Flag from Green to Red – upon leaving, please change the flag back to Green
  5. Please follow all HPRC Club rules and regulations
  6. Shooting is only allowed at the 25-yard line and at the 10-yard line which are indicated by pylons
  7. Shooting is only allowed at the rear backstop. Do not shoot into the side berms
  8. Use the stationary target holder which is in place. PAPER TARGETS ONLY
  9. When shooting a shotgun place your target on the 4×8 sheet of plywood. Shot size permitted is 7 1/2 only.
  10. Leave with whatever you brought with you
  11. Pick up your dispensed brass & shotgun shells off the range floor
  12. Dispose of any garbage and recyclables at the indoor facility. Do not leave any food waste which might attract unwanted animals
  13. Members may bring one (1) guest to the outdoor range. Guest supervision protocols apply the same as the indoor range.
  14.  Please be aware of our Good Neighbor Policy and use good judgment & common sense at all times
  15.  The outdoor facility is monitored by 24-hour surveillance
  16. Remember to lock the gate behind you.  Please make sure the gate is closed and the lock is secured with combination spun to different numbers.


Prohibited on Outdoor Range

  1. Discharging Of High-Powered Rifles
  2. Skeet Or Trap Shooting
  3. Shooting Of Targets Off the Range Floor
  4. Shooting of Wildlife – will cause automatic Club termination
  5. Frangible Ammunition

We are fortunate enough to have the privilege of operating an outdoor range so please ensure we keep our Club safe for all members.

The Club maintains 24×7 Security. As part of a Safety Committee a minimum of 2 members review all safety incidents.

The Safety Committee accesses the cameras for review under the following circumstances:

  1. When a Guest is present with a Member
  2. Probationary Member Shoots
  3. Damage to Infrastructure
  4. Member Initiated Concerns

Both the indoor and outdoor range are 25 yards.

You can bring as many firearms to the Club as you like;  however there can only ever be 2 firearms at your Range Stall at once.

You must properly ACTS/PROVE firearms between the bench and stall area as you introduce them or put them away.

You cannot shoot two firearms at once (for example a pistol in each hand alternating shots)

Lead-Free refers to the ammo type allowed to be used at the Club

All rounds must have the bullet/projectile covered with copper, brass, poly, etc

Basically your bullet can not have any lead exposed/showing

We understand all ammo has lead within it, we simply cannot have it exposed

see the picture below to show the difference between a bullet/projectile being covered and one that is not


All firearms shall be ACTS and PROVE before being moved to firing line or downrange shooting area.

Firearms must be moved with the action open using the boarding house lift.

All muzzles/barrels must remain at 45-degree angle during the move

HPRC is a registered  Non-Profit Organization that is Membership Driven.

HPRC revenue comes from its memberships and member donations on a yearly basis. The entire club must be managed and run within this yearly budget.

There are no salary positions within HPRC; all HPRC executives and committee members are volunteer-based.

” vol·un·teer | is the act of an individual or group freely giving time and labor for community service “

Volunteers do what they can, when they can for the Club.

We ask that all members do what they can to support, maintain and sustain the Club.

The Club is only as strong as it’s members.

HPRC is a safe, inclusive Club.  We have no tolerance for any abusive behaviour (including but not limited to bullying, discrimination, intimidation, degrading comments, etc)  whether that be verbal, written or physical that disrupts a member(s) participation or service of the Club. A Safety Committee is in place at HPRC to report any of these types of activities.

A Club Constitution and By-laws is published for all members to access which provides further details.

Each year an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held; as part of that agenda is a detailed financial review of the revenue & expenditures.

There are certain functions that are  contracted out to maintain the Club operations such as snow removal, range grass cutting, hvac maintenance, backstop service, etc.

A summary of activity from members of the Club Executive and Committees is also presented.

We highly recommend that every member attend the AGM.


HPRC does not allow for the recording of videos/audio etc at the Club

There is a risk that parties could take aspects of posted content (picture, videos, etc) and use it in a negative way against the Club, member(s) or the industry

Signs are posted in the Range as a reminder

If you cannot find the answer please contact us here